Publicity checklist

This checklist provides an overview of important publicity reminders. For more detailed information, please thoroughly review the Publicity section of the site support notebook.

  • To meet media and other deadlines, you will need to start promoting your programs at least six weeks to two months in advance. See the “Promotion Guide” for helpful suggestions.
  • Use official project credit information on all publicity materials. Use sponsor and funder logos on materials wherever possible.
  • All publicity images (www.manifoldgreatness/pr) must be accompanied by the ownership credits provided with the image. See “Guidelines for use of Publicity Images” for more detailed information.
  • Stress sponsorship and funding credits in press releases, press events, and all public programs.
  • Libraries must submit – at least three days before printing or posting – all draft copy of publicity materials to the ALA. Please e-mail drafts to Susan Brandehoff ( and Jennifer Dominiak ( or fax to 312-280-5759. Materials will be reviewed immediately.
  • Save two copies of all printed press coverage and submit them to the ALA with your final report. The final report (see “Logistics”) must be received by the ALA within 30 days after your last public program.