Tell your legislators about Manifold Greatness

We would appreciate it if you would inform your local, state, and national legislators that the library and the community are participants in a major National Endowment for the Humanities project. Invite them to the opening event or to other programs which you are sponsoring; invite them to speak or introduce speakers. This is important for the continued federal funding of library cultural programs.

Also urge your patrons to contact their legislators about library programs they value. A previous ALA exhibition host distributed a flyer that said:

“If you enjoyed the program this afternoon, please feel free to write to any or all of the following to express your appreciation. Paper and envelopes are available as you leave and there will be stamps for sale if you wish to write immediately. Thank you in advance for supporting your library and its programs.”

A list of local, state, and federal elected legislators and their addresses and fax numbers followed the request.