Additional fundraising information

Past library participants have reported receiving funding for programmatic activities from the following:

Nonprofit sources:

  • Friends of the Library
  • State humanities councils
  • State and local arts councils
  • University administration (lecture series funds, events planning and coordination committees, dean of faculty, sports department, history department, African American studies department, humanities division, president’s/provost’s/chancellor’s funds)
  • Community college cultural advisory board, educational foundation, contracts and grants departments
  • Local/regional/state family foundations
  • County historical societies
  • The Links, Inc. (organization of African-American women)
  • Historical organizations
  • Centers for the Book
  • Women’s business organizations such as Zonta

For profit sources:

  • Credit unions
  • Computer networks and computer stores
  • Target and other department stores
  • Banks
  • Auto dealerships
  • Supermarkets
  • Hardware stores
  • Newspapers
  • Utility companies

See the “Resources” section for books about funding.