Section 5: Logistics

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Logistics Checklist

  • Shipper contacts host site to arrange for convenient exhibit delivery and pick-up time.
  • Check the condition of the exhibit as you unpack crates. If any exhibit parts or materials are missing or damaged, please notify ALA immediately.

  • Once the exhibit is set-up, please return a completed Condition Report form to ALA.

  • The first date in the itinerary is the last day the shipper is allowed to deliver the exhibit, although it might arrive before that date. When you are planning exhibit openings, remember that you might not receive the exhibit until the first date in the itinerary, and you will need at least a day or two to set it up.

  • The last date in the itinerary is when the exhibit must close. Host sites are asked to have the exhibit packed up and ready to go by the date indicated for each site, so please allow time to repack it.
  • Complete a final report form within 30 days of the closing of the exhibition.

Exhibit Shipping and Receiving

The exhibition shipper is VIP Transport East, a Fine Arts Transportation Agent for Mayflower Transit. All shipping costs will be billed to and paid by the ALA Public Programs Office.

Important exhibit display information:

  • Because of varied delivery and pick-up dates, please be sure that your additional exhibit insurance coverage starts seven days before the start of your display period and extends to seven days after the last day of your display period.
  • On the itinerary, a date is designated as the last day the shipper can deliver the exhibit (“Shipper delivers no later than”). The exhibit may be delivered before that day, but please do not plan programs on that day.
  • You will most likely need extra help with the large shipping crates, especially if your library does not have a loading dock or a delivery area large enough for a semitruck to unload. This exhibit will take 5-6 people approximately 6 hours to unpack and set up.
  • We have allowed one day in between the last date for delivery and the date your display period begins. Some of your programs with NMNH staff may be taking place on this day.
  • You may schedule the exhibit opening whenever it suits your local schedule and the programs you have arranged with NMNH staff.
  • You may close the exhibition when you wish, but it must be closed by the date designated “Display period ends.”
  • Because there is limited time available to get the exhibition from one site to another, host sites should have the exhibition dismantled, packed, and ready for pick-up on the date designated “Shipper picks up on or after.” This does not mean the shipper will always pick up the exhibit on that date, but the exhibit should be ready to go on that date.

Shipping will ideally proceed as follows:

  • VIP Transport/Mayflower will contact host sites to arrange convenient delivery and pick-up times. Delivery and pick-up must occur during business hours (9-5 your time, Monday through Friday). If you have not heard from VIP by at least 48 hours before the exhibit should be delivered, please call VIP at the following number(s) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday to confirm delivery arrangements: 1-800-998-4847 ext. 202 (Mayda Brann) or 1-800-261-6088, ext. 209 (Ed Noonan) . If you need assistance, call or e-mail the ALA Public Programs Office (see below).

Shipping questions:

ALA Public Programs

50 E. Huron St.

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 1-800-545-2433, ext. 5298, or 312-280-5298

E-mail: publicprograms@ala.orgT

Exhibit Crate List

Download the Exhibit Crate List (PDF)

Exhibit Panel Installation Instructions

The host site project director will supervise the unpacking and setting up, and the taking down and repacking of the exhibit, following the instructions given to the host site by the exhibition sponsors. The host site will display the exhibit according to the guidelines provided by the exhibition sponsors.

Download the Exploring Human Origins installation instructions (PDF).

Neanderthal Sculpture Instructions

Download the Neanderthal Sculpture Instructions (PDF).

Large Skulls Pedestal and Small Sculpture Pedestal Instructions

Download the Large Skulls Pedestal and Small Sculpture Pedestal Instructions (PDF).

Exhibit Set Up Video

The following is a video of the exhibit fabricator setting up of the ALA traveling exhibition, “Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War.” Although the video does not contain Human Origins exhibit content, the framework of the exhibit system itself is identical – we hope the video assists with Human Origins exhibit set-up.

Instructions for Unpacking and Repacking Kiosks

Download instructions for unpacking and repacking kiosks.

Kiosk Instructions

Download the Kiosk Instructions (PDF).

Exhibit Kiosk Support

Hardware and software support

In the event of any kiosk problems, please contact:

Lainie Castle

ALA Public Programs Office

1-800-545-2433, ext. 5055


Instructions for Post-It Notes

Download instructions for collecting and return of traveling exhibit Post-It notes.

Required Programming Form

Each host site must confirm program plans with ALA (titles, presenters, and times of all exhibition public programs). Please return the Required Programming Form to the ALA Public Programs Office at least one month prior to the start of your exhibition display period.

Host sites agree to notify the ALA Public Programs Office 45 - 60 calendar days before the exhibition opening, of the date and time of any opening events, and to provide 20 invitations to the project funder and sponsors for the opening event if requested.

The Exploring Human Origins Required Programming form will be coming soon.

Condition Report Form

Download the Exploring Human Origins Condition Report form (Word).

Online Final Report Form

Download the Exploring Human Origins Final Report form (Word).

Please do not complete the final report form using this Word document. We are providing this Word document so that exhibit sites can see what is required in the final report. The final report form should be completed online at: using the same e-mail address and password used to apply for the exhibition. If you have problems accessing the online final report form, please contact

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