Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America

Security and Insurance

Exhibitions may be displayed in a gallery or other open area in the library, but preferably not in a hallway. No ALA-sponsored exhibition is to be displayed outdoors or in a tent or other temporary structure. Please do not store any exhibit shipping crates outdoors.

Supervision by a guard or library staff member is required. It is preferable that someone be in the room with the exhibition at all times -- they may be performing other duties as well as monitoring the exhibition. If that is not possible, we expect that a staff member or guard will walk around and monitor the exhibit periodically during the times it is open to the public. We suggest doing this at least every 15 minutes during times of peak library use and every half-hour at less busy times.

ALA has primary responsibility for investigating loss or damage to the exhibit and determining fault. If a library is determined to be at fault in damage or loss, then the library will be responsible for paying costs to replace or restore parts of the exhibit. If the library is determined not to be at fault, then ALA, through the exhibition grant budget and insurance coverage, will handle the costs of damage or loss.

The value of the "Alexander Hamilton" exhibit is $60,000 for insurance purposes. Some libraries add a rider to their insurance policy for the exhibit period, but ALA does not require libraries to do this.