Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America

Alexander Hamilton-Related Web Sites
The New-York Historical Society web site for the Hamilton exhibit.
Web site of the Alexander Hamilton Historical Society, a nonprofit organization devoted to reinvigorating public interest in Hamilton, including a campaign to keep Hamilton on the $10 bill.
"Alexander Hamilton on the Web" -- A large and varied web site devoted to Hamilton with many links to other materials, especially documents.

Federalist Papers

Both of these web sites contain the complete Federalist Papers.

The Constitution/Constitutional Convention
The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia offers a web site with information and activities relating to the Constitution.
Text of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; the debates at the Constitutional Convention; Hamilton's opinion of the constitutionality of the Bank of the United States; and much more.
Goes article-by-article, section-by-section through the Constitution, giving early opinions on what the text meant to the Founders.

General Web Sites about the Founding Era
Web site of the lst Federal Congress Project at George Washington University, with an online exhibition about the first Congress.