Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America

Exhibition Support Materials

NOTE: Brochures and posters will be shipped eight weeks before the library's exhibition period, unless otherwise requested by libraries. Please use the materials request form distributed at the seminar to request materials or contact Sofiana Peterson for another form (1-800-545-2433, ext. 5045,

Exhibition web site:

This is the web site originally created for the Alexander Hamilton exhibition at the New-York Historical Society. It offers an impressive array of information, activities and resources to complement the exhibition, including lesson plans, links to outstanding articles about Hamilton by historians, a timeline, and documents (click on “About the Exhibition” on the main page to reach many of these resources).

Brochure: A color illustrated brochure will provide visitors to the exhibition with an overview of exhibition themes as well as a list of additional readings. Each library exhibition site may request up to 2,000 brochures.

Poster: Libraries will receive 25 copies of the poster created for this exhibition.

Banner: Two large exhibition banners will travel with each copy of the exhibition. Banners are in a vertical design. They have sleeves at the top and bottom for weighting and can be used inside or outside the library, although inside display is recommended.

Other materials: Supplementary educational materials include a
booklet featuring 18 documents that illustrate important themes in Hamilton's life, an
interactive CD-ROM about Hamilton, a History Channel
video of Gilder-Lehrman Institute President and traveling exhibition project director James G. Basker walking through and commenting on the exhibition at the New-York Historical Society, and newspapers featuring articles about Hamilton.