Great Stories Club: "Imagining Tomorrow: Building Inclusive Futures" Frequently Asked Questions


Are non-library organizations eligible to apply for a Great Stories Club grant?

No. However, institutions without a library that provide support to under-resourced, underserved, or at-risk populations are encouraged to contact their local library and create a partnering relationship with the library as the applicant.

If my library previously received a Great Stories Club grant for a prior theme may we apply again for the current GSC series?

Yes! Applications from previous Great Stories Club grantees are welcome, including applicants for the 2023 Great Stories Club: "Deeper Than Our Skins" and "Finding Your Voice" grant.

Is attendance at the orientation workshop required?

Yes. The library's project director must be available to attend the virtual project orientation workshop. Orientation will take place August 14, 2023 at 1-3 PM Central Time.

Must libraries give the GSC books away to teens?

Yes. The library may keep up to one copy of each title for the library collection, and provide up to one copy for the discussion leader. All other books received through the grant must be gifted to program participants to keep as their own. If you cannot fulfill this program requirement, please contact Em Gallaugher ( to explore options for meeting the grant terms.

How were the books chosen?

The books featured in this GSC series were selected by a national humanities scholar with expertise on race and representation in children’s and young adult literature.

The supporting resources were developed with collaboration between the humanities scholar, programming librarian advisors, and ALA staff.

Will ALA substitute other books that are not on the list at our request?

No. The GSC program will provide supporting resources and training specific to the titles on the reading list only. ALA cannot accommodate substitutions, though applicants are invited to select four titles to work with from the five-title reading list.

Will only successful applicants receive notification about the outcome of the application?

No. All applicants will be notified by ALA, regardless of the outcome of their applications. Libraries will be notified via e-mail by June 17, 2023. If your library has not received notification by the stated date, please contact ALA at 312-280-5045 or

May I preview the grant application before completing it?

Yes. You can preview the grant application here (PDF preview).

May applications be submitted in hard copy?

No. Applications must be submitted online via ALA Apply by 11:59 pm (CT) on May 22, 2023. Applications that are late or incomplete will not be reviewed. If you encounter problems interacting with our online grants management platform due to difficulties with assistive technologies, please contact or call 312.280.5045. Please also include information about the nature of your accessibility barrier so we can best provide support.

This is my first time applying for a grant through ALA's grants management platform. How do I use the system?

For more information about using our grants management system, please visit our How to Apply webpage.

I am an ALA Member, but my login credentials do not work when I try to login to apply. Why is this happening?

This application process is conducted through our grant system which requires a separate login account from your ALA member login. When you are taken to the application page, click “Create Account” under the login information prompts, and you will be taken to the Account Creation page. For more information about using our grants management system, please visit our How to Apply webpage.

Who should my letters of support be addressed to?

You can address any letters of support to the ALA Public Programs Office.

Are letters of support required?

No - letters of support are optional. You may choose to include letters of support from your community to provide reviewers with more information about your project and community partnerships; however, they are not required and will not impact your eligibility.

What do you mean by certifying official?

The certifying official who signs off on your application should be anyone with your library who is able to submit applications for funding on behalf of the institution. This may vary depending on the institution but is typically the library director.

Can the certifying official be the same person as the project director and/or the person submitting the application?

Yes. The certifying official can be the same person listed as the project director and/or the person submitting the proposal as long as they are able to submit applications for funding on behalf of their institution.

What if I have questions about my application?

The ALA Public Programs Office staff is here to help. Please direct questions to Em Gallaugher ( We strongly advise interested applicants to get in touch early to allow enough time for staff to assist you before the May 22 application deadline. Technical questions are welcome any time.