Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World

benjamin franklin: in search of a better world

Online Site Support Notebook: Speakers for Programs

Your state humanities council has a list of scholars who have experience with public programming, and many humanities councils have formal Speaker's Bureaus. Check to see if there are scholars who specialize in Franklin and/or the Revolutionary Period.

The Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lectureship Program ( also offers lecturers (for a $1,000 fee) who specialize in Franklin and the Revolutionary period.

The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary offered the following speaker suggestions during the 2006 Franklin Tercentennial year. We have not re-checked the contact information for each entry -- if you have any problems contacting potential speakers, please e-mail the ALA Public Programs Office at

Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World companion book authors

Walter Isaacson


Washington, D.C.

Prof. J. A. Leo Lemay


Wilmington, DE

Jim Green (Franklin as printer/librarian)


Philadelphia, PA

Prof. Billy G. Smith (Franklin and civic improvement, social historian)


Bozman, MT

Prof. E. Philip Krider (Franklin and science)


Tucson, AZ

Prof. Robert L. Middlekauff (Franklin and politics)


Berkeley, CA

Ms. Ellen Cohn (Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Yale, expert on all aspects of Franklin, particularly music)


New Haven, CT

Emma Lapsansky (Franklin and slavery/abolition)


Philadelphia, PA

Edmund Morgan


New Haven, CT

Page Talbott (Chief Curator and Associate Curator, Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World--specialist interest in Franklin's material world.)


Philadelphia, PA


Rosalind Remer (Executive Director, Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary. Specialist interest in Franklin as businessman, entrepreneur/economy and business climate of early America)


Philadelphia, PA

Roy Goodman (Reference Librarian of the American Philosophical Society, collector of Franklin in popular culture, and knowledgeable about the most obscure Franklin topics -- Franklin and agriculture, for instance.)


Philadelphia, PA

David Rhees (Executive Director, The Bakken: A Library and Museum of Electricity in Life -- Franklin and the history of electrical experimentation)


Minneapolis, MN

Richard Beeman (Professor of History at Penn, particular focus on Franklin and diplomacy with France and England, and Franklin and the American Revolution.)


Philadelphia, PA

Michael Zuckerman (Professor of History at Penn, Franklin and character/culture)

Philadelphia, PA

Gordon Wood (Professor of History at Brown, Franklin becoming an American)


Providence, RI

Claude Ann Lopez (retired, Papers of Benjamin Franklin at Yale, Franklin and the ladies of France, Franklin in France)

(203) 389-1953

New Haven, CT

Stacy Schiff (Franklin in France, Franklin and diplomacy)

New York, NY

Philip Dray (Franklin and science)

718 486-5974

New York, NY

Agent: Jynne Martin

(212) 572-2476

James Srodes

Franklin Biographer


Washington, DC

Kerry Walters (Franklin and Religion)

Gettysburg, PA

Paul Pasles (Franklin and mathematics)


Philadelphia, PA

Joe Wos (Franklin and cartoons)


Mark Skausen

Franklin Biographer and Descendant


Irvington, NY