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Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War
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The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission has established a Speakers' Pool of individuals willing to present about their favorite subject. To learn more about the Speakers' Pool, please visit http://www.lincoln200.gov/speakers-pool.aspx. Also, please see visit www.lincoln200.gov for information on national programs that you may be able to tie into local events and programming.

  • Your state humanities council has a list of scholars who have experience with public programming.

  • The Organization of American Historians also offers lecturers (for a fee) who specialize in this period. Visit www.oah.org/activities/lectureship/2008/index.php for more information.

  • Tony Burroughs, author of Black Roots, presents programs on “Voices of Freedom: African American Soldiers in the Civil War” www.aagsnc.org/articles/tbbio.htm

  • Folksinger Chris Vallillo presents Abraham Lincoln in Song, a historically accurate show that weaves period folk songs, Lincoln's stories and his own words together into a new way to shed light on the life and times of one of our nation's favorite sons. For details, visit: www.lincolninsong.com