Exhibition Support Materials

Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War
Site Support Notebook

Please note: Brochures and posters will be shipped eight weeks before the library’s exhibition period, unless otherwise requested by libraries. Please use the materials request form to request materials or contact the Public Programs Project Coordinator with questions (312-280-5289, skrueger@ala.org).


A color brochure will provide visitors to the exhibition with a summary of exhibition themes as well as a list of additional readings. Each Tour 1 host site may request up to 1,000 brochures. Each Tour 2 host site may request up to 700 brochures. Brochure artwork is also available online (PDF).

Folding instructions for libraries printing additional copies of the brochure:
The fold is called a double-parallel fold. The brochure is folded in half, and then in half again, so that the credits are on the back and the title is on the front cover.


Each Tour 1 host site will receive 25 copies of a special “Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War” exhibition poster. Tour 2 sites will receive 10 copies of the poster. Poster artwork is also available online (PDF).


Two large banners displaying the exhibition logo will travel with each copy of the exhibition. Banners measure approximately 4 x 6 feet and have pole sleeves at the top and bottom for weighting. Please display banners indoors in order to extend their lifespan for future library use.