Forever Free: Abraham Lincoln's Journey to Emancipation

Online Site Support Notebook: Guidelines for Use of Publicity Images

In the event of violation of the following conditions, the sponsors of the Forever Free touring exhibition reserve the right to terminate a participating library's use of the exhibition.

  • Because of strict permissions agreements with institutions lending images for the exhibition,
    only Forever Free tour libraries are authorized to use these images in their publicity. Libraries may authorize newspapers and other media to use the images for exhibit publicity only (please alert them to images that may not be used on web sites).

  • The use of these images is restricted to noncommercial or educational activities and promotion of the "Forever Free: Abraham Lincoln's Journey to Emancipation" exhibition at the specified library venues hosting the exhibit. This use should occur only during the time period for which the library is scheduled to host the exhibit or for advance publicity. Resale or commercial use of any image for profit in another publication, edition, format, or language is prohibited. Images may not be used for publicity for programs involving fundraising (There are many Lincoln images in the public domain for such purposes.)

  • Three copies of materials using any of these images must be provided to the Public Programs Office with the library's final report.

  • Libraries may not reformat, redesign or otherwise alter the screens on which the images appear, nor re-use the images in other products, nor allow others to use them (except for media outlets). Libraries may print color images in black-and-white.

  • All images must be accompanied by the ownership credits provided with the image. The use of accompanying explanatory captions is strongly encouraged if space is available.

  • Libraries are liable for damages, claims, suits or other legal proceedings arising from or attributed to violation of third party rights resulting from any unauthorized creation, use, display, or modification of advertising or publicity materials relating to the exhibit.