Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians

Web Sites

Primary exhibition web sites:

There are a number of web site links, especially on the first site above, that should not be missed -- about medical careers, medical education, summer internships for high school students, financial aid, medical residencies, and practicing medicine. These web site links provide an astonishing array of information and opportunities for students who are contemplating medicine as a career and for medical students seeking research and other types of opportunities. The address within the web site is:

Other web sites: American Women's History: A Research Guide (Women in Medical Fields). Excellent guide to biographical and primary resources in print and digital formats. A link to many outstanding online resources about women in medicine. The Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine. Online version of a previous NLM exhibition on Elizabeth Blackwell. An article from
Women's History which gives a brief synopsis of women in medicine in the U.S. An article on Civil War-era women physicians. Article about contemporary salary disparities between male and female physicians. Article on the first women physicians in the U.S. and women who followed them. An article examining why more women do not choose to be physician/scientists.