Community Connect Fostering Digital Access: General Information


Questions/Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact the Public Programs Office at or 312-280-5045.

Important Dates

  • 45 days prior to the start of your programs – submit the pre-programs form on ALA Apply
  • July 31, 2024 – spend down the grant funds
  • September 2, 2024 – submit the final report form on ALA Apply

ALA Connect Community

Community Connect project directors are members of an online project discussion group through ALA Connect. As a member of the discussion group, you will automatically receive any message a member sends to the group and may make posts yourself.

The group is a helpful way to:

  • Send program updates
  • Share ideas, resources, and helpful tips
  • Ask questions
  • Highlight useful links
  • Receive important updates from ALA Public Programs Office staff

If you have not already joined the Community Connect discussion group, please ensure you have set up an individual ALA Connect account and that you have signed in to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Questions? Contact the Public Programs Office at

Use of Cash Grant

Each host site will receive a $2,000 stipend to support costs associated with delivery of programs, services, and events directly related to Community Connect. These include costs of programming, materials and supplies, marketing and communications, consultants, and staff time.

Permitted programming expenses include:

  • Educational materials
  • Instructor costs and speaker honoraria
  • Program supplies
  • Refreshments during programs/events
  • Publicity costs such as advertising, printing, etc. for programs
  • Childcare during adult programming
  • Staff training expenses
  • Staff time spent on project
  • Acquisition of related books, DVDs and other media for lending and program use related to the project

The following expenses are not permitted:

  • Cash or cash-equivalent incentives or prizes (Cash equivalents include savings bonds, gift cards, and similar products.)
  • Expenses unrelated to Community Connect programming, events, or services
  • Furniture
  • Payments to financial industry professionals
  • Political contributions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Spending to support indirect costs, i.e., general administrative expenses of any kind

When in doubt about expense eligibility, contact the ALA Public Programs Office.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (PL 101-336), which went into effect in July 1992, guarantees that people with disabilities shall have equal access to employment, public services and accommodations, transportation, and telecommunications services.

As public service providers, libraries must make reasonable efforts to give people with disabilities the same access to information, programs, and resources enjoyed by those who are not disabled. Each library will have varying capabilities for providing equal access to people with disabilities. We urge you to do as much as you reasonably can to make programs accessible to the disabled population. Local or regional agencies that are responsible for services for people with disabilities may be helpful. We offer the following suggestions to enhance the accessibility of your programs:

  • Allow space for wheelchairs in programming spaces
  • Prepare a large-print version of publicity materials and program handouts
  • Provide for sign language interpretation at programs
  • Provide audio versions of texts used in programming