Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians

Exhibition Support Materials

NOTE: Brochures and posters will be shipped eight weeks before the library's exhibition period, unless otherwise requested by libraries. Please use the materials request form distributed at the seminar to request materials or contact Sofiana Peterson for another form (1-800-545-2433, ext. 5045,

Interactive kiosks: Two interactive kiosks are traveling with the exhibition. Separate instructions will be distributed about their operation and packing.

Exhibition web sites: There are two major web sites associated with this exhibition, both of which will be available through the exhibition kiosks. Developed by the National Library of Medicine, they offer an impressive array of information and activities to complement the exhibition. The web sites are:

At this web site, students can find out if a career in medicine is for them through a guide to medical career Web sites. Teachers can print classroom
lesson plans and view an extensive
bibliography including books and videos. Online
interactive activities use games and learning modules to bring issues of science and medicine to life. Users can perform their own customized database
search to learn about the woman physicians featured in the exhibition and learn about their sources of inspiration, the challenges they faced, and their accomplishments. Users can also post their own story about a woman physician they think should be part of the project and read stories that others have submitted.

A companion gallery to the
Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians exhibition at the National Library of Medicine, in Bethesda, Maryland, Local Legends highlights the contributions of women physicians in rural and urban towns and cities throughout America. Nominated by a Congressional representative, each extraordinary local legend has made a positive, enduring contribution to the health care of their community and our country. New nominations for Local Legends can be made at

Brochure: A color illustrated brochure will provide visitors to the exhibition with an overview of exhibition themes as well as a list of additional readings. Each library exhibition site may request up to 2,000 brochures. Libraries may request artwork for the brochure to be sent through e-mail if they want to print more brochures locally. Contact Susan Brandehoff at

Poster: Libraries will receive 25 copies of the poster created for this exhibition.

Banner: Two large exhibition banners will travel with each copy of the exhibition. Banners are in a vertical design. They have sleeves at the top and bottom for weighting and can be used inside or outside the library.