Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians

Postcard Images for Publicity Use

The following are images of postcards from the National Library of Medicine for publicity use with the
Changing the Face of Medicine exhibit.

JPEG Files -- Low Resolution

  1. Dr. Mary Walker back (address and message)

  2. Dr. Mary Walker back (black and white)

  3. Dr. Mary Walker front

  4. Dr. Mary Walker front (black and white)

  5. Dr. May Edward Chinn back

  6. Dr. May Edward Chinn back (black and white)

  7. Dr. May Edward Chinn front

  8. Dr. May Edward Chinn front (black and white)

  9. Dr. Nancy Jasso back

  10. Dr. Nancy Jasso back (black and white)

  11. Dr. Nancy Jasso font

  12. Dr. Nancy Jasso front (black and white)

  13. Dr. Rebekah Wang-Cheng back

  14. Dr. Rebekah Wang-Cheng back (black and white)

  15. Dr. Rebekah Wang-Cheng front

  16. Dr. Rebekah Wang-Cheng front (black and white)

  17. Dr. Sharon Malotte back

  18. Dr. Sharon Malotte back (black and white)

  19. Dr. Sharon Malotte front

  20. Dr. Sharon Malotte front (black and white)

  21. Dr. Victoria Stevens back

  22. Dr. Victoria Stevens back (black and white)

  23. Dr. Victoria Stevens front

  24. Dr. Victoria Stevens front (black and white)