American Dream Literacy Initiative: Site Support Notebook

Site Support Notebook for Grantees

General Information

Questions/Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact the Public Programs Office at, 312.280.5045

American Library Association

Public Programs Office

225 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1300 Chicago, IL 60601


Project Discussion List

American Dream Literacy Initiative project directors are members of an online project discussion list through ALA Connect. As a member of the discussion list, you will automatically receive any message a member sends to the list and may make posts yourself. If you do not already have an ALA Connect account, please click here to create your free account. All Project Directors will be invited to the ADLI community in Connect on March 22nd.

The group is a helpful way to:

  • Send program updates
  • Share ideas, resources, and helpful tips
  • Ask questions
  • Highlight useful links
  • Receive important updates from ALA Public Programs Office staff

 For support with ALA Connect, please view our New User Guide. Questions? Contact the ALA Public Programs Office at

Use of Cash Grant

Each host site will receive a $5,000 stipend to support costs related to their adult literacy services/programs or collections.

American Dream Literacy Initiative grant funds are restricted to project-related expenses. Eligible expenses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment and supplies
  • Purchase of collection materials (print, digital, software, and online resources)
  • Tech equipment (e.g. virtual meeting licenses, iPads, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.)
  • Project supplies (e.g. markers, index cards, post-its, etc.)
  • Library staff time, contractors, teachers, and tutors
  • Payment to project partners for reimbursement or direct funding of services and support provided (e.g. childcare providers, translators, instructors, co-facilitator, etc.)
  • Additional literacy training for library staff (e.g. state and regional library literacy conferences, etc.)
  • Promotion and publicity (e.g. videos for training and PR, website development, etc.)

Grant funds may not be used to support indirect costs (e.g. general library administrative expenses) or for bookmobile maintenance.

Final Report Form

The final report  should be completed online using the same e-mail address and password used to apply for the exhibition. If you have problems accessing the online final report form, please contact

You can download a copy of the final report form (PDF) for a reference as you prepare your answers.  The report must be submitted via the online report form, and is due by January 15, 2022 – or within 30 days of completion of your grant project, whichever comes first.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (PL 101-336), which went into effect in July 1992, guarantees that people with disabilities shall have equal access to employment, public services and accommodations, transportation, and telecommunications services.

As public service providers, libraries must make reasonable efforts to give people with disabilities the same access to information, programs, and resources enjoyed by those who are not disabled. Each library will have varying capabilities for providing equal access to people with disabilities. We urge you to do as much as you reasonably can to make programs accessible to the disabled population. Local or regional agencies that are responsible for services for people with disabilities may be helpful. We offer the following suggestions to enhance the accessibility of your programs:

  • Allow space for wheelchairs in program spaces
  • Prepare a large-print version of publicity materials and program handouts
  • Provide for sign language interpretation at programs
  • Provide audio versions of texts used in programming


ALA and Dollar General have created the following promotional materials for libraries participating in the American Dream grant. To ensure accuracy, brand consistency, and proper credits, you are encouraged to utilize these materials, which have been pre-approved by ALA and Dollar General. Your library is also welcome to create your own materials as needed, provided they include the proper branding and credits.

Graphic Materials

Note: Some of the below graphic materials are designed with blank spaces that you may customize by adding your library’s name, logo, web URL, or program information.

Web Images

Social Media Images

Press Materials

Note: These press materials are designed as templates with blank spaces. You may customize them by adding your own library information, location, goals, and quotes, as shown in [BRACKETED TEXT].

When communicating with newspaper reporters, radio and TV interviewers, and other media personnel, please ask that the full credit statement be included in articles and features.

ALA and Dollar General should be acknowledged orally at news conferences, public programs, and radio or television interviews. Use the official exhibition credit (see below) as a guide. When in doubt, ask the ALA Public Programs Office (

Acknowledgment on Promotional Materials Created by Your Library

If your library wishes to make its own graphic or press materials, you must include:

  • Logos for ALA and Dollar General
  • Credit Statement

On graphic materials, both logos and credit statement should appear at a size that is readable and appropriate to the overall design. If space does not allow you to include both the logos and credit statement, you may include just the credit statement. Logo files and credit statement can be found below.


Grant recipients are authorized to use logos only for American Dream Literacy Initiative program purposes for the duration of the project. They do not need to obtain additional permissions. Please direct questions about logo usage to

Credit Statement

The American Dream Literacy Initiative, a grant offering of the American Library Association, is made possible by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

If you have a publicity situation that is not addressed above, please contact