Books for Younger Readers

“Johns Adams Unbound” Online Site Support Notebook

Adkins, Jan.
John Adams: Young Revolutionary (New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 2002).

Behrman, Carol H.
John Adams (Minneapolis: Lerner Publ., 2004).

Furgang, Kathy.
The Declaration of Independence and John Adams of Massachusetts (New York: Power Kids Pr., 2002).

Gaines, Anne.
John Adams: Our Second President (Mankato, Minn.: Child’s World, 2008).

Glass, Maya.
Abigail Adams: Famous First Lady (New York: RosenCentral Primary Source, 2004).

Harness, Cheryl.
The Revolutionary John Adams (Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2003).

Hopkinson, Deborah.
John Adams Speaks for Freedom (New York: Aladdin, 2005).

Kent, Zachary.
John Adams: Creating a Nation (Berkeley, N.J.: Enslow Publ., 2004).

Marcovitz, Hal
John Adams (Philadelphia: Mason Crest Publ., 2003).

Somervill, Barbara A.
Abigail Adams: Courageous Patriot, and First Lady (Minneapolis: Compass Point Books, 2006.

Sutcliff, Jane.
Abigail Adams (Minneapolis: Lerner Publ., 2006).

Venezia, Mike.
John Adams: Second President, 1797–1801 (New York: Children’s Press, 2004).

Whiting, Jim.
The Life and Times of Abigail Adams (Hokessin, Minn.: Mitchell Lane Publ., 2007).

Wood, Gordon S.
Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different (New York: Penguin Books, 2006).