Programs for Younger Audiences

“Johns Adams Unbound” Online Site Support Notebook

  • Enlist a high school drama teacher and students to present a short play about John and Abigail Adams.

  • For a young adult audience, sponsor a program in which the group decides which books they would include in their own personal, permanent library. Setting a limit on titles may be helpful—perhaps a total of 15. It would be interesting to see what books young adults would choose.

  • In a display area have children suggest their favorite book/books. Make a display of the “collection.”

  • Have a tea party with a librarian dressed as Abigail Adams to act as hostess and read a story from the period.

  • Partner with a local children’s museum on programs about John and Abigail Adams.

  • Plan a young people’s chautauqua focusing on personalities, events, music, costume and other aspects of the era, with speakers impersonating public figures, simple craft activities, dancing and acting (this could be a series of programs throughout the exhibition period).

  • Include a title for young people in the John Adams “One Book, One Community” series.

  • Present a program focusing on the John Adams $1 coin and the Presidential coin series. Have a collector talk about coin collecting.

  • Family activity night at the library with stories and songs about the American Revolution. Stage a patriotic “parade.”