The Americans with Disabilities Act

“Johns Adams Unbound” Online Site Support Notebook

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (PL 101-336), which went into effect in July 1992, guarantees that people with disabilities shall have equal access to employment, public services and accommodations, transportation and telecommunications services.

As public service providers, libraries must make reasonable efforts to give people with disabilities the same access to information, programs and resources enjoyed by those who do not have a disability.

Each library on “John Adams Unbound” tour will have varying capabilities for providing equal access to people with disabilities. We urge you to do as much as you reasonably can to make the exhibition accessible to the population with disabilities.

Local or regional agencies which are responsible for services for the disabled may be helpful. We offer the following suggestions to enhance the accessibility of the exhibit.

  • Allow space for wheelchairs when you are setting up the exhibition.
  • Prepare a large-print version of publicity materials and program handouts.
  • Offer signed tours of the exhibition at specified times.
  • Provide for signing at programs related to the exhibition.
  • Produce an audiotape of the exhibition text for people who cannot read it.
  • Make members of the library staff available at certain times to walk through the exhibit with people in wheelchairs, the visually impaired, etc.