Americans and the Holocaust: Publicity and Sponsor Materials

Americans and the Holocaust: A Traveling Exhibition for Libraries. What did Americans know? What more could have been done?

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and American Library Association (ALA) have created the following promotional materials for libraries participating in the Americans and the Holocaust tour.

Table of Contents

  1. Graphic Materials
    • Request Process
    • Designs for Printed Materials
    • Web Images
    • Social Media Images
    • Other Graphic Needs
  2. Promotional Materials
  3. Press Materials
  4. Photos and Videos of your Exhibit/Program
    • How to share your photos and videos
    • Photo Release Form
  5. Materials for Patrons
    • Directional Signage/Wayfinding
    • Image Permission Signage
  6. Credit Statements
  7. Sponsor Materials

Graphic Materials

USHMM and ALA have created the following promotional materials for libraries participating in the Americans and the Holocaust tour.

Request Process

To ensure accuracy, brand consistency, and proper credits, host sites are required to utilize only the following graphic materials, which have been pre-approved by the USHMM and ALA tour management teams. Note: Per the Grant Acceptance Form, host sites are not permitted to create, customize, or edit publicity materials themselves.

The following materials are sample images of what can be customized, upon request, to add your library’s or sponsor's logo and exhibition information.

When you are ready to order all the publicity materials your site needs, complete the Publicity Order Form. This form will allow you to select any of the below materials to be customized, provide the relevant information for the customization process, and upload logos if applicable.

Please wait to order materials until you have identified all your needs as we ask that you submit the order form only once. Turnaround time on materials is at least 2 weeks. Be sure to order your materials in time.

Designs for Printed Materials

Highly Customized Designs for Printed Materials

Web Images

Social Media Images

Other Graphic Needs

In the rare situation that a host site requires a specific publicity material that does not exist as a customizable option above, there is a section in the Publicity Order Form to place a request for a new design. These special requests will be designed in consultation with the ALA and USHMM teams. Please note that graphic designer time and resources are limited. We may not be able to honor every request.

Note that this is optional. We encourage you to promote with the existing customizable materials whenever possible.

Promotional Materials

Press Materials

To ensure accuracy, consistency and proper credits, it is important for all tour libraries to utilize only the following Press Materials, which have been pre-approved by the USHMM and ALA tour management teams.

Many of these materials are designed as templates with blank spaces. You may customize them by adding your own library information, location, goals for the exhibit and quotes, as shown in [BRACKETED TEXT].

If these materials do not suit your library’s needs, you must consult with ALA and the Museum team in advance by reaching out to Eric Schmalz ( and Kaileen McGourty ( directly.

When speaking to or sending news releases to newspaper reporters, radio and TV interviewers, and other media personnel, please ask that the full credit statement be included in articles and features. You may wish to include a line set off at the beginning of news releases that states, “Editor: Please do not edit out USHMM and ALA credits in paragraph __.”

USHMM and ALA should be acknowledged orally at news conferences, public programs, and radio or television interviews. Use the official exhibition credit as a guide. When in doubt, ask the ALA Public Programs Office (

Photos and Videos of Your Exhibit/Programs

How to share your photos and videos

Both ALA and USHMM are very interested in seeing any and all photos and/or videos you take of your exhibit and programs. To that end, we have set up a means for sharing those files with us easily via your Final Report.

At the end of your Final Report you will see the section “XIV. Photos and Supporting Documents”. In this section, there will be a link to a sharefile location in which each host library will be able to upload:

  • Event and exhibition photos/videos
  • Photos and text from parallel exhibitions, passive programs, or displays

Photo Release Form

Please use this sample photo release form to get permission to share photos from your exhibition and programs or events.

Materials for Your Patrons

Directional Signage/Wayfinding

Directional signage and wayfinding signs can be extremely helpful in directing patrons to and through the full exhibit. For your convenience, ALA and USHMM have created a wide selection of brand consistent signage. The designs are offered in three sizes: 11 x 17 inch poster, 24 x 63 inch sandwich board insert, and 24 x 62 inch retractable sign.

Design 1: directions on bottom half

Design 2: directions on top half

Image Permission Signage

Image permission signage for your exhibit and events is available (8.5x11 poster and 11x17 poster). We recommend you display this alongside the exhibit.

Credit Statements

  • Tour Credit Statement: "Americans and the Holocaust: A Traveling Exhibition for Libraries is made possible by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the American Library Association."
  • Exhibition Credit Statement: "Americans and the Holocaust was made possible by the generous support of lead sponsor Jeannie & Jonathan Lavine. Additional major funding was provided by the Bildners — Joan & Allen z”l, Elisa Spungen & Rob, Nancy & Jim; and Jane and Daniel Och. The Museum's exhibitions are also supported by the Lester Robbins and Sheila Johnson Robbins Traveling and Special Exhibitions Fund, established in 1990."
  • Local Credit Statement: “This program / resource / event was made possible, in part, with support from (local donor).”

Sponsor Materials

The following materials have been created to assist you with soliciting local sponsors for your Americans and the Holocaust programming. Thank you to Tour 1 host site Chattanooga Public Library for their assistance in creating these templates!

Local sponsorship (i.e., financial or in-kind support from local funders in support of the exhibition or related programming) may be permitted on a limited basis. Generally, local support may be used to fund specific programs/events, but additional exhibition sponsors are not permitted to ensure the proper crediting of the ALA and USHMM.

Local sponsorship plans and related publicity materials must be approved in advance by ALA and USHMM. Note: Please contact ALA and USHMM to discuss potential local sponsorship before approaching local funders.

Each of the following templates is available as an InDesign file. Please email the ALA Public Programs Office ( to request the files.