Americans and the Holocaust: General Information

Americans and the Holocaust: A Traveling Exhibition for Libraries. What did Americans know? What more could have been done?

Table of Contents

  1. Questions/Contact Information
  2. Tour Itinerary
  3. Exhibition Discussion Group - ALA Connect
  4. Grants Management Platform - ALA Apply
  5. Grant Acceptance Form Review
  6. Programming Allowance - Payment Process and Allowable Expenses
  7. Insurance

Questions/Contact Information

If you have questions about:

  • Overall Project and Exhibit Information, contact Kaileen McGourty (, 312.280.5055).
  • Shipping, Damage, or Reports, contact the Public Programs Office (, 312.280.5045)
  • Exhibition content, themes, museum scholarship, educational resources and programming, contact Eric Schmalz (, 202.382.0211).

American Library Association
Public Programs Office
225 N. Michigan Ave
Suite 1300
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312.280.5045
Fax: 312.280.5759

Tour Itinerary

See the Tour Schedule here.

Exhibition Discussion Group - ALA Connect

Americans and the Holocaust project directors are members of an online project discussion group through the ALA Connect platform. The Connect community is a helpful way to:

  • Send program updates
  • Share ideas, resources, and helpful tips
  • Ask questions
  • Highlight useful links
  • Receive important updates from ALA Public Programs Office staff

Please note that the Americans and the Holocaust community is a private group. If you or a colleague needs to be added to the group, please contact the ALA Public Programs Office at For help using the ALA Connect platform, please refer to the PPO Connect demo webinar recording and the Help/FAQ page.

Grants Management Platform - ALA Apply

ALA Apply is the platfrom on which you submitted your Americans and the Holocaust application. You will use the same platform to submit the following forms before, during, and after your host period:

  • Pre-Exhibit Report (coming soon)
  • Condition Report (coming soon)
  • Final Report (coming soon)

If you have questions about using ALA Apply or need login information, please contact

We recommend bookmarking this direct link to the ALA Apply Login page:

Grant Acceptance Form Review

To confirm their spot on the Americans and the Holocaust tour, all host sites were required to submit a Grant Acceptance Form to ALA by February 9, 2024. A blank PDF version of the Grant Acceptance Form can be found here.

To download a copy of your completed and signed agreement:

  • Log into ALA Apply
  • Open the completed form
  • Click on the button that says "Followup Packet"
  • A PDF of your completed form will download

Programming Allowance - Payment Process and Allowable Expenses

Payment Process

In their Grant Acceptance Forms, host sites submitted payee information, including an ACH authorization form if accepting payment by direct deposit. This information will be used to pay the programming allowance to your institution or Friends of the Library/Foundation. Allowances will be issued in January of the year you will begin hosting (e.g. for a host period that starts in October 2025, payment will be issued in January 2025), except for two instances:

  • Cohorts 1 and 2 start hosting in 2024. Payments will be issued in Spring 2024.
  • Cohorts that begin in January/February of each year can select to be issued payment in the year prior (e.g. for a host period that starts January 2026, you may request payment in January 2025 instead of January 2026).

Allowable Expenses

Each Tour 2 host site is eligible to receive an allowance of $3,000 to support costs associated with delivery of educational programs and events directly related to the Americans and the Holocaust exhibition. These include costs for program instruction, materials and supplies, marketing and communications, catering, mileage, consultants, and staff time.

Permitted programming expenses include:

  • Educational materials
  • Refreshments during exhibit-related programs/events
  • Publicity costs such as advertising, printing, etc. for exhibit-related programs not associated with fundraising
  • Childcare during adult programming
  • Staff training expenses
  • Marketing/communications consultant time
  • Program coordinator time
  • Instructor costs and speaker honoraria
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Program supplies
  • Acquisition of related books, DVDs and other media related to the project

The following expenses are not permitted:

  • Cash or cash-equivalent incentives or prizes. (Cash equivalents include savings bonds, gift cards, and similar products.)
  • Computer technology, including desktop, laptop, and tablet computers and mobile phones
  • Expenses unrelated to Americans and the Holocaust programming, events or services
  • Furniture
  • Political contributions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Insurance for the exhibition
  • To support indirect costs, i.e., general administrative expenses of any kind

When in doubt about expense eligibility, contact the ALA Public Programs Office.


The host agrees to maintain responsibility for the condition of the exhibition. Sites will be held responsible for damage to, or loss of, the exhibition when it is under their control. ALA is not responsible for personal injury or property damage arising from the installation, use, or defective nature of the traveling display.

As per the Grant Acceptance Form, host sites agree to:

  • Add an insurance rider in the value of $75,000 to their insurance policy for the time the exhibit is at the host site, or arrange to have the exhibition insured under the host site’s comprehensive insurance for $75,000.
  • Provide a certificate of insurance or letter from an authorized insurance agent to the ALA Public Programs Office (uploaded in the Pre-Exhibit Report) no later than 8 weeks prior to the exhibit opening day at the host site.

Sites should insure the exhibition for 10 days prior to and 10 days following the exhibition display dates to ensure the exhibit has coverage in the case of early delivery or late pick-up. Insurance does not need to cover the exhibit during shipment. An itemized value breakdown of the exhibit is available upon request.

If you encounter any issues acquiring an insurance rider or are self-insured, please contact us at prior to submitting your Pre-Exhibit Report.

Please note: The programming allowance may not be used to pay for insurance coverage.