Greensboro Sit-In Exhibit - 2016 Jaffarian Award Winner

Greensboro Sit-In Exhibit

School: Friends Seminary, New York, N.Y.

Applicant: Constance Vidor, Director of Library Services

Elise McLean, history teacher, Constance Vidor, Director of Library Services, Stefan Stawnychy, history teacher, Elizabeth Grossi, history teacher

Jaffarian award winning applicant Constance Vidor (second from left) with partnering history teachers Elise McLean (left), Stefan Stawnychy, and Elizabeth Grossi (right)

Program Summary

After Friends Seminary teachers presented an overview of the Greensboro sit-ins in classes, the library assigned small student groups different aspect of the sit-in (sources of inspiration, opposition, supporters and outcomes) for further study. Each group chose a compelling historical photograph that captured the essence of their topic and wrote explanatory text to help the reader understand the context of the photo within the larger civil rights movement.

Students then created QR codes linking their images to their texts. The images with QR codes were displayed in the library, and families were invited to view the exhibition, with students acting as docents and talking to visitors about the images and their historical context.

Program Images

Parent visiting exhibit

Parents visit exhibit

View of exhibit

View of exhibit

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Quaker day school library wins ALA's 2016 Jaffarian Award for Greensboro sit-in program