Libraries Transforming Communities: Examples from the Field

Examples from the Field 

Case studies

In 2020 and 2021, the American Library Association selected 567 libraries to receive grants through Libraries Transforming Communities: Focus on Small & Rural Libraries. Libraries volunteered to share their experiences with facilitating conversations in their communities. Read all case studies and blogs.

   Case Study: North Liberty (Iowa) LibraryCase Study: Coos Bay (Ore.) Public Library

  Case Study: Waimea (HI) Public LibraryBlog: Anywhere & Everywhere: Where Do Library Programs Happen?

Case Study: Essex (Conn.) Library Association   Case Study: George McCone Memorial County Library, Circle, Mont.


In 2014 and 2015, 10 public libraries from across the country took part in an extensive, 18-month training to learn the Harwood Institute's Turning Outward approach and put it to use in their communities. Read all the case studies and blogs.

Case Study: Columbus (Wis.) Public Library: Innovative Solutions to Bridging Community Divisions
Blog: Suffolk (Va.) Public Library: Turning Outward to Chuckatuck
Case Study: Hartford (Conn) Public Library: Building on a Foundation of Success...and Going Deep to Go Broad


Program Evaluation

In close collaboration with ALA, Knology, a nonprofit research organization that produces practical social science for a better world, works to evaluate the LTC initiative. Evaluation of LTC consists of several methods of data collection and analysis. Research involves both qualitative and quantitative methods, including surveys, interviews, focus groups and monitoring web use. Learn more about how LTC is evaluated.


Programming Librarian provides the resources, connections and opportunities libraries need to fill their role as centers of cultural and civic life. It is a place for library professionals to share, learn and be inspired to present excellent programming for their communities. Through resources, ideas and professional development opportunities, we seek to help libraries fill their role as cultural and civic hubs in their communities

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Get started with the free e-course, "Libraries Transforming Communities: Facilitation Skills for Small and Rural Libraries."

LTC: Accessible Small and Rural Communities will offer more than $7 million in grants to better serve people with disabilities.

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Learn basic facilitation skills with ALA's free guide, "Leading Conversations in Small and Rural Libraries."