Learn to Lead Positive Community Change at ALA 2015

All communities have challenges. Libraries are uniquely positioned to help conquer them — given the right tools.

ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition: San Francisco, June 25-30, 2015

Join ALA and The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation at ALA's 2015 Annual Conference on Saturday, June 27, for a series of four learning sessions to teach libraries to leverage their trusted position in the community to engage people on issues that matter. (Register now.)

“Turning Outward to Lead Change in Your Community” will demonstrate practical tools to aid in decision-making, facilitation and leadership. Each stand-alone session focuses on a single tool; taken together, they become a powerful framework for engaging community and leading change.

Attend one session or all four:

All attendees will receive a free workbook to continue the process back at home.

The community engagement techniques shared in LTC are based on the Harwood Institute’s “turning outward” practice, which emphasizes shifting the institutional and professional orientation of libraries and librarians from internal to external.

The “Turning Outward” series has been offered at three previous ALA and Public Library Association (PLA) conferences since 2014, and trainings are taking place at state library associations around the country. Don’t miss your chance to receive this training at an ALA national conference.

These sessions are offered as part of Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC), an ALA initiative that seeks to strengthen libraries’ roles as community leaders and change-agents by developing and distributing tools to help library professionals connect with their communities in new ways. The initiative is made possible through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Learn more at ala.org/LTC.

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Get started with the free e-course, "Libraries Transforming Communities: Facilitation Skills for Small and Rural Libraries."

LTC: Accessible Small and Rural Communities will offer more than $7 million in grants to better serve people with disabilities.

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Learn basic facilitation skills with ALA's free guide, "Leading Conversations in Small and Rural Libraries."