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Per the LTC: Accessible Small and Rural Communities grant guidelines, library project directors must complete the six-part, asynchronous eCourse "Libraries Transforming Communities: Facilitation Training for Small and Rural Libraries", watch the four onboarding webinars, and read the practitioner's guide.

LTC Accessible's goal is to help library workers develop community engagement skills, such as those required to lead conversations and understand the perspectives of disability accessibility. ALA has complied a range of resources to help you prepare for you conversation and project.

Facilitation ECourse and Guide

Project directors are required to facilitate their conversation(s) using skills learned from the six-part, asynchronous eCourse "Libraries Transforming Communities: Facilitation Training for Small and Rural Libraries." This online course is offered on ALA eLearning, and you will need to create a free account to access it. View instructions here.

You should prepare to spend approximately four hours to complete the entire course prior to your first planned conversation. Please note: the eCourse is entirely asynchronous. Project directors are free to complete the course at a pace that works best with their availability.

Also available for your use is the companion Facilitation Guide, “Leading Conversations in Small and Rural Libraries” (PDF) and the "Accessible Conversations in Small and Rural Libraries Facilitation Guide".

While use of the guide is not a grant requirement, we hope you will find it a useful reference. Both the eCourse and Facilitation Guide are free and available to all library workers, regardless of whether they received an LTC grant from ALA. The materials were made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant number RE-17-19-0041-19.

Practitioner's Guide

In addition to the Facilitation eCourse and guide, in collaboration with multiple authors we have created a practitioner's guide for Improving Services, Facilities, and Programs for People with Disabilities. A physical copy will be mailed to project directors.

Watch the accompanying webinar with the authors discussing how to use the guide on the General Information page.

Grantee Webinars

In addition to the eCourse, grantees are also required to attend/view the four onboarding webinars. These webinars are designed to help you effectively implement your community engagement projects, gain a better understanding of disability and accessibility, and complete grant requirements. More information is available on the General Information page.

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