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Additional LTC Accessible Conversation Resources

The Libraries Transforming Communities eCourse and Facilitation Guide will give you all the basics you need to plan and lead your conversation. If you wish to go deeper, these additional ALA resources will help!

There are many ways to structure a conversation with a group of people, and ALA has curated a list of resources that have proven popular with libraries. ALA and its partners at the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) identified two of these approaches — Conversation Café and Future Search — that may be a good starting point for small or rural libraries because of their focus on small groups. You are welcome to explore any and all of these approaches to see what fits your needs; they all have different strengths.

ALA has curated some of these resources on its Libraries Transforming Communities website (, where you will find free webinar recordings, printable resources and guidance about:

  • Conversation Café: Useful when you want participants to learn more about themselves, their community or an issue, and/or discover innovative solutions to problems.
  • Essential Partners: Useful when you need to resolve conflicts, encourage community healing after a crisis or trauma, or improve relations among groups in your community.
  • Everyday Democracy: Useful when you need to empower community members to solve complicated problems and take responsibility for the solutions.
  • Future Search: Useful in uncertain, fast-changing situations when it is important that everyone have the same large picture in order to act responsibly.
  • Harwood Institute for Public Innovation: Useful when you want to identify and learn more about your community’s needs and desires.
  • National Issues Forums: Useful when you want to encourage exploration of tough public problems in increase public knowledge of the issue, and/or you wish to influence public decisions and policy.
  • World Café: Useful when you want to encourage exploration of a topic, exploration of participants’ own views and experiences as well as the experiences of others, and/or to explore and develop innovative ideas and solutions.

Programming Librarian Resources

ALA’s Programming Librarian website includes articles, program ideas and resource recommendations on library programming topics.

Below is a selection of Programming Librarian content related to leading conversations, either live or in-person, written by library workers. You may find them helpful or interesting while planning your conversation. Stay up to date on future Programming Librarian articles by signing up for the free newsletter.

Additional Accessibility Resources

Below are additional resources you may find helpful when working to increase the accessibility of your library's facilities, programs, or services.

Below are resources you can use to increase the accessibility of various aspects of your library’s administration practices (e.g. policies, hiring, etc.).

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