Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services

Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services Jenny Levine

In this issue of Library Technology Reports, Jenny Levine illustrates how librarians can reap positive gains by proactively, creatively, and affordably integrating gaming into the services and programs already offered at libraries. She uses numerous, detailed examples from public, school, and academic libraries. The case studies reveal that gaming programs often turn out to be among the most popular a library can offer. You’ll learn how libraries, with creative planning and little money, have incorporated gaming services for a big return on investment. And the appendix section of the report includes materials (librarian-created press releases, real examples of promotional fliers, and staff checklists for game-day events) that librarians can build upon to create a successful gaming program at any type of library—which can engage your community's youth and adult gaming populations.

Topics Covered in this Issue Include:

  • Why Gaming?
  • The Gaming Generation
  • Gaming Setups Common in Libraries
  • Case Studies: School Libraries
  • Case Studies: Academic Libraries
  • Case Studies: Public Libraries
  • Future Intersections
  • Conclusion What Librarians Can Learn from Gamers
  • Bibliography and Resources