Digital Rights Management (DRM)

icon representing digital content issuesA selection of recent articles discussing the issues surrounding Digital Rights Management and Digital Content

  1. “Publishers’ Requirements for Digital Rights Management,” – Bolick, Robert. This webpage details publishers’ stance on the necessity of DRM, but also clarifies their positioning on how many DRM formats should be available and what consumers’ rights should be in regard to purchasing and using eBooks.  Although technically dense, this article does address many specific issues surrounding DRM.

  2. List of DRM-free publishers.

  3. "Why DRM is like Airport Security," - Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 Blog (April 06, 2011) Offers opinions and insight into the DRM issues that accompany eBooks.  Gives some suggestions for change.

  4. Overview of DRM Position Papers. (2001) DRM position papers submitted by various technology industry heads during the 2001 W3C DRM workshp.