2020 Symposium on the Future of Libraries

January 24 - 28, 2020 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Provided below is a linked list to 2020 Symposium on the Future of Libraries sessions with FREE access to slides and audio. A special thank you to session presenters for granting permission for the recording and sharing of their sessions.

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Visit the 2020 Midwinter Meeting site for the complete schedule of Symposium Sessions.

Libraries Transform: Civic Innovation
Anuj Gupta & Ariel Ben-Amos

Libraries Transform: Education Innovation
Malik Brown & Dara Ruiz-Whalen

Libraries Transform: Social Innovation
Mariana Chilton & Joanna Visser Adjoian

Library Marketing and Advocacy through Social Media
Charlene Martoni

The Library, Not Just for Books: Connecting Library, Maker, and Social Emotional Learning
Velear Schrupp

Making Connections and Discovering Place: Oral Histories and the Library
Lauren Kehoe & Mayumi Miyaoka

Making the News: Library Advocacy and Local Media
Christi Buker, TyLisa Johnson, & John O'Brien

Making Real Change: Moving beyond the Interpersonal to Create Actual Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Environments for Both Library Users and Employees
Erin Elzi & Elia Trucks

Measuring the Library’s Impact on Your Community’s Social Infrastructure
Margaret Sullivan, Lyna Vuong, & Alexandra Sutherland-Brown

Metadata Instruction Mobilizing Human Rights Research in the Undergraduate Classroom
Mary Alexander, Emma Wilson, & Alex Boucher

Navigating Queer Realities in School Libraries
Rae-Anne Montague

Partners in Place: Community Space Sharing for Tomorrow’s Workforce
Lisa Shaw, Elizabeth Iaukea, Tammy Westergard, Randy Kemp, & Andrea Levandowski

Sustainability Is Now a Core Value. So... Now What?
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich & Matthew Bollerman

To See or Not to See: Exploring and Visualizing Digital Collections Data with R Programming Language
Monika Glowacka-Musial

Tomorrow's Scholars Today: Collaborating to Empower Undergraduate Students to Become Knowledge Creators
Ashley Lierman & Whitney Cox

Toxic Stress, Early Brain Development, and What Libraries Can Do to Support Young Children Experiencing Adverse Childhood Conditions
Rachel Payne, Tyson Barker, & Anna Wright

Transformation for Libraries: From EXCITE to a Futures School
Dawn La Valle

Using Implications Wheels to Explore the Consequences of Change
Jason Swanson

Young Changemakers in 21st Century Libraries
Luke Kirkland, Alexandra Remy, & Melissa Bennett