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This week’s headline quotes Richert Schnorr, Director of Digital Media at the New York Public Library, on that library’s success with its Insta Novels project, uploading entire works of classic literature to Instagram’s Stories platform and reaching over 300,000 readers (Fast Company "Hundreds of thousands of people read novels on Instagram. They may be the future").

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This week’s headline quotes Dr. Britt Paris, co-author with Dr. Joan Donovan of a new report from Data & Society, tracing decades of audiovisual (AV) manipulation to demonstrate how evolving technologies aid consolidations of power in society and that new "deepfakes" require both a social and a technical fix. (The Verge "AI can’t protect us from deepfakes, argues new report")

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This week’s headline quotes the introduction to TIME’s “2050: The fight for Earth” special report, which brings some of the leading thinkers about climate change and considers the motivators that will help us address this crisis and create a new future (TIME “2050: The fight for Earth”)

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This week’s headline quotes the BBC on its decision to enter the voice assistant market with its new Beeb assistant, created by an in-house team and designed to understand British accents. The Beeb software will be built into the BBC’s website, its iPlayer app on smart TVs, and made available to manufacturers who want to incorporate the public broadcaster’s software. (The Guardian "BBC to launch Alexa rival that will grasp regional accents")

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This week’s headline quotes John Hunt, marketing manager for Snead (maker of manila folders) and host of that company's "Keeping You Organized" podcast. Since 2013, Snead's branded podcast has built an audience of listeners who download episodes featuring interviews with professional organizers (The New York Times "Welcome to McDonald’s. Would you like a podcast with those fries?").

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This week’s headline quotes Guinevere de la Mare, co-founder with Laura Gluhanich of the Silent Book Club, which invites members to meet up at a bar, library, bookstore, or other venue to silently read whatever they would like and talk about anything, before and after the designated reading time (NPR "A novel concept: Silent Book Clubs offer introverts a space to socialize").

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This week’s headline quotes Christine Knapp, director of Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability, on the city’s new plan for dealing with the impact of climate change on its neighborhoods, especially those that experience a heat-island effect from a lack of trees, less green space, more exposed asphalt, and many black roofs, all of which decrease shade while increasing temperature (The Philadelphia

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This week’s headline quotes rural entrepreneur Matt Brugger, recounting the advice of Tom Field, director of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a program that sees a large portion of its alumni returning to their small or rural communities with a vision for economic development through small and unconventional agriculture-based businesses (The Christian Science Monitor “Can the Prairie Generation save ru

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This week's headline quotes Lindsay Ellis, whose YouTube channel features her video essays about popular films. While Ellis has always made longer videos that work for her style, a growing number of YouTube creators are now shifting to longer videos, seeking to increase their opportunities for advertising revenues and playing into YouTube’s algorithms that favor longer videos that keep viewers on the platform.

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This week’s headline quotes John Fallon, CEO of Pearson, on that company’s decision to move more students to its e-textbooks instead of traditional print books - while Fallon’s talking points speak to generational rent versus own preferences and the opportunities for digital updates and media integration in e-books, concern for revenue and profits are driving this movement (BBC “Education publisher Pearson to phase out print textbooks”).

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This post is reproduced from the ALAStore in recognition of the publication of the latest title in the Library Futures series. 

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This week’s headline quotes Andrea Thomaz, co-founder of Diligent Robotics, the creator of the Moxi robot piloted in Texas hospitals to help nurses with the approximately 30% of tasks that do not involve patient interaction, like running errands around the floor or dropping off specimens for analysis at a lab (Fast Company “A hospital introduced a robot to help nurses.

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This week’s headline quotes Richard Wiles, executive director of the environmental advocacy group the Center for Climate Integrity, whose new report estimates the need for at least $42 billion by 2040 to provide basic storm-surge protection in the form of sea walls for all coastal cities with more than 25,000 residents. The price tag provides some context for the difficult decisions that large and small communities - and the nation - will have to confront.

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This week’s headline quotes Andre M. Perry, a fellow at the Brookings Institution who researches race and structural inequality, on the changing focus in cities from downtown redevelopment to neighborhood investments to address growing income disparities (The New York Times “As downtowns prosper, voters ask mayors: What about my neighborhood?”).

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