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This week’s headline quotes food delivery customer Stuart James – and the “it” that was pleasantly greeting him and wishing him a nice day was one of Starship’s autonomous delivery robots.

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This week’s headline quotes Kate Lister, president of consulting firm Global Workplace Analytics, on workers’ expectations for expanded work from home policies once stay at home orders are lifted.

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This week’s headline quotes Brian Platt, business administrator for Jersey City, New Jersey, offering advice for governments seeking to adapt to virtual public meetings during stay at home and social distancing orders.

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This week’s headline quotes Los Angeles Unified School District's Superintendent Austin Beutner, describing the free distance learning program developed by LAUSD and PBS SoCal and KCET – more than 70 TV stations across the country are now utilizing the California initiative's programming schedules and online resources.

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This week’s headline quotes Joseph DeSimone, co-founder and executive chairman of Carbon, a 3D printing startup that is sending face shield designs to its network of customers who've bought its 3D printers. A growing number of organizations with 3D printers are accelerating efforts to help address materials shortages for health care providers. (CNET "3D-printer companies build face shields, masks, more to fight coronavirus")

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This week's headline quotes Mary South, author of the short story collection You Will Never Be Forgotten, whose stories touch on how technology alters the dynamics of human connection.

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This week’s headline quotes what I’m sure has become an overused phrase in recent days. In light of all of the news and information we have been processing this week, I am sharing this with the fullest sense that many of us won’t be reading this until much later.

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This week’s headline quotes Effie Kapsalis, the Smithsonian’s senior digital program officer, on that institution’s announcement of 2.8 million high-resolution two- and three-dimensional images available on an open access online platform for patrons to peruse and download for free (

Read more | 03/02/2020 - 23:46

This week’s headline quotes William Zemp, chief strategy and innovation officer at Southern New Hampshire University, on how that university is working to make ambitious concepts practical and useful for the future of higher education (

Read more | 02/24/2020 - 15:08

This week’s headline quotes Heather Zheng, a computer science professor at the University of Chicago, who, with Ben Zhao and Pedro Lopes, designed a wearable microphone jammer that will jam Echo or other smart speaker microphones from listening in on the wearer’s conversations (

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This week’s headline quotes the American Institute of Architects’ statement opposing uniform style mandates, responding to a preliminary draft of a White House order that would require rewriting the Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture to ensure that “the classical architectural style sh

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This week’s headline quotes Trebor Scholz, associate professor of culture and media at The New School, from his book Uberworked and Underpaid: How Workers Are Disrupting the Digital Economy, on how more and more activities that used to be expressions of social capital are now financially incentivized through gig economy apps like TaskRabbit, Rover, Uber, and Postmates (Slate "The help").

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This week’s headline quotes Elisabeth Briggs, a math teacher at Olympic College near Seattle, who, after picking up a 321-piece Lego Eiffel Tower building set, has become an adult Lego builder with nearly three dozen kits that mirror her travels (The Washington Post "Lego sets its sights on a growing market: Stressed-out adults").

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As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States, this week’s headline quotes Dr. King, from a speech delivered at New York University's University Heights campus in the Bronx in 1961. Dr. King continued, “Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals."

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This week’s headline quotes Robby Pfeifer, a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, in response to that university’s decision to log the attendance of students connected to the campus’ WiFi network (The Washington Post "Colleges are turning students’ phones into surveillance machines, tracking the locations of hundreds of thousands").

Read more | 01/13/2020 - 15:19