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In 1977, the American Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Committee produced the film "The Speaker ... A Film About Freedom." Despite controversy prior to its release, the film was shown at the 1977 Annual Conference in Detroit, Michigan. The ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, the Association of American Publishers, and co-sponsors, the Black Caucus of the ALA and the Library History Round Table, presented a program, "Speaking about 'The Speaker,'" at the 2014 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. As background for that program, "The Speaker" was screened two times as part of the "Now Showing at ALA" film series. This guide provides background on the film, citations for contemporary reportage and commentary, and citations for reportage and commentary beginning in 1977.

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About the Film

The Speaker ... a Film About Freedom. Chicago: ALA, 1977. 42 minutes. Originally distributed with 32 p. discussion guide. Summary: A dramatization about a high school current events committee which invites a university professor to speak on a theory of genetic inferiority of Afro-Americans. Controversy develops and spills over into the community and parents and community leaders advise the student committee to reconsider. When the Committee refuses, the school board president cancels the speaker. Intended to evoke discussion of constitutional protection of speech on controversial and unpopular topics. (From: OCLC record for original version)

Film Chronology:

1975 June 30: Decision taken by ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) and the Association of American Publishers Freedom to Read Committee (FRC) to produce First Amendment film.

1976 April 29: ALA Executive Board approves IFC proposal and budget contingent on receipt of 200 advance orders.

1976 July 20-22: FRC withdraws; IFC appoints subcommittee to oversee project, and ALA Executive Board authorizes a joint venture with Vision Associates, accepts a grant from Beta Phi Mu, and approves budget, based on 100 advance orders.

1976 August: ALA Executive Director meets with Lee Bobker, Director, of Vision Associates.

1976 October-December: Script development and review.

1977 January: Film shot on location in high school.

1977 January 30: IFC and Bobker meet with ALA Executive Board, which requests the script.

1977 February-April: Vision Associates edits film and prints first edition of 300 copies.

1977 April 26-28: ALA Executive Board previews film and votes to delay release pending review at the Annual Conference in Detroit.

1977 May 3: Decision to delay rescinded.

1977 May-June: IFC members view film and edit discussion guide; advance subscribers receive copy of film.

1977 June 19: Film shown at Annual Conference.

2014 June 30: Program, "Speaking about 'The Speaker,'" at Annual Conference

Council Actions:

Annual Conference 1977: June 17-22, Third Session, p. 133-135, 318-321. Resolution put forth by Ella Gaines Yates to develop a preface for the film and to edit the study guide.

Midwinter Meeting 1978: January 23-26. First Session, p. 2-4. Executive Board reported out its actions and Past President Clara Stanton Jones read the Statement signed by 25 members and endorsed by the Black Caucus of the ALA, p. 25-31. p. 15-16, discussion of ALA imprint; p. 17-18, further discussion on distribution.


News, Procedural (chronological)

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Opinions (Alphabetical, by writer)

Annoyed Librarian. "Controversial Speakers," blog entry, June 2, 2014.

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Program Content and Summary

American Libraries: The Scoop. Resurrecting The Speaker, blog entry Phil Morehart and George M. Eberhart, July 1, 2014.


News, Procedural (chronological)

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News, Reaction (chronological)

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Reports of Showings (chronological)

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Opinions (Alphabetical, by writer)

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