Library Buildings & Space Planning

  • Building Libraries and Library Additions

    Building new libraries, additions, and even remodeling can be a daunting task, and one that most librarians do not undertake frequently. Use this selective listing of resources to manage your new library building, addition, or renovation project. Includes resources on ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliance and library building consultants.
  • Ergonomics Bibliography (ALCTS)

    Bibliography of resources on the topic of ergonomics in libraries and library preservation. --by ALCTS Preservation & Reformatting Section (2006)
  • Library Security Guidelines

    Successful library security programs are based on clearly defined and well-communicated behavior policies for public and for staff. Although these guidelines do not explicitly refer to "rules of conduct" for the public or staff, the guidelines are based on the assumption that the library has a set of rules governing public and staff conduct in place.
  • Moving Libraries

    Listing of the companies who have exhibited at ALA Conferences that offer relocation services to libraries, plus a select bibliography of sources on how to move libraries