• Periodicals and Serials Price Indexes (ALCTS)

    These indexes, with accompanying tables and analysis, measures changes in average U.S. serials prices in a historical context. This information is useful to librarians who must prepare annual budget requests for serials, as well as those involved in analyzing serials pricing trends over a period of years. --by ALCTS Library Materials Price Index Editorial Board
  • Print and Electronic Serials Management Syllabus

    Syllabus of serials management issues and concepts is intended to acquaint library school students and new serials librarians with the range of activities involved in managing print and electronic serials. This syllabus represents a full semester's study.--by ALCTS CRS, 2008
  • Serials Presentation Guidelines (What's in a Name?)

    Article that explains the importance of having a clear and consistent title, a unique numerical identifier, and clearly presented publication information on serials publications. --by ALCTS Serials Section's Task Force on Serial Title Publication
  • Serials Standards Bibliography

    Learning about standards is important throughout the serials community. A multitude of organizations and standards affect all aspects of serials. Determining which standard applies in a given situation and deciding where to obtain that standard can be difficult tasks. To begin to address this issue, the ALCTS Serials Standards Committee (SSC) has created this document with the goal of providing a single source for standards relating to serials.
  • Serials Standards Committee of ALCTS CRS

    Function: Participates in creating and revising information-related standards and related best practices and guidelines. Through ALA's NISO representative, gives input on ISO and NISO technical standards and recommended practicies. Offers forums for the continuing resources community about developing and revised standards.
  • Syllabus for Serials Cataloging

    Acquaints those who need to become familiar with current aspects of descriptive cataloging specific to serials and acquaints those who need to become familiar with historical trends in serials cataloging. Assumes that the basics of descriptive cataloging, MARC, and the various cataloging tools (e.g.: Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed., rev., Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, Cataloging Service Bulletins) will have been covered prior to beginning this syllabus.--by ALCTS CRS, 2004
  • Syllabus for Serials Collection Management, Records Systems, and Preservation

    Acquaints those who need to become familiar with issues of collection management, serials records functions, and preservation.--by ALCTS CRS, 2002
  • Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award (ALCTS page) or Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award (ALA page)

    The award is given for distinguished contributions to serials librarianship, including but not limited to those made within the previous three years, demonstrated by such activities as leadership in serials-related activities through participation in professional associations and/or library education programs, contributions to the body of serials literature, conduct of research in the area of serials, development of tools or methods to enhance access to or management of serials, other advances leading to a better understanding of the field of serials.