You're Missing It!

By Teresa Koltzenburg | But that's okay, because it will be repeated tomorrow. (Whew!)

So what, exactly, are you missing today, you ask? The Alliance Library System Online Innovation Institute Library 2.0 Extravaganza!Michael Stephens, librarian, educator, blogger, and dreamer

Going on all day today, with the entire institute—which features sessions about: blogs and libraries; libraries' IM utilization; how libraries and librarians can leverage social software and popular online networks and communities (MySpace, Facebook, etc.); and how to create staff buy-in for new technologies—being repeated tomorrow, the extravaganza is sponsored by the Alliance Online Innovation Institute. The online event can be accessed through an OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries) room of the Innovation Institute or through the Alliance Second Life Library 2.0, available through the virtual-reality site Second Life. Today's and tomorrow's extravaganza features librarian, blogger, educator, and author Michael Stephens of Tame the Web fame (and who wrote the upcoming issue of Library Technology Reports, "Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software," July/August 2006).

Cost for the program is free for all Alliance Library System members and is $25 for all other registrants. More information about the event, as well as access to the Alliance Library System's CLeO online-registration service (where you can create an account and register for the Extravaganza) is available at

Beth Gallaway, over at the Our Future blog, says, "If you haven't participated in an Alliance Library System CE program through OPAL, you are missing out!...At only $25 for nonmembers to join in, it's a wonderful bargain! And Alliance is dedicated to being an international resource—why not contact them for use of this virtual space for your patrons and staff?" Why not, indeed.

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