What's Up for Discussion at the LITA Forum?

By Patrick Hogan |

LITA hosts its National Forum in Columbus, Ohio, October 4-7. The Forum attracts the technologists: the people scripting or programming, configuring the APIs, managing the networks. What will they be talking about? A scan of program titles gives a glimpse of emerging priorities in library technology. The theme is New World of Data: Discover, Connect, Remix. I will be attending and writing a couple posts for ALA TechSource. What programs would you like to see me cover?

The Programs
11 Digital Publishing Trends to Watch This Year and Their Potential Impact on Libraries
An Update on the New Open Linked Digital Library
Building a better e-books search: Challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing landscape
Building Collections in IR from External Data Sources
Collections Amplified: Exhibiting data using DSpace, Viewshare and Google Fusion Tables
Connecting systems to enhance the discoverability of hidden collections
Creating Web Applications for Data Collection Easily and With the User in Mind
Data Mining the Twitter API
Data Visualization Walls: Building Visualization Displays with Open Data, Freeware & APIs
Data-driven design decisions for discovery interfaces
Digital screenmedia: Merging technologies, unifying content
Doctoring Strange Results (or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my Discovery tool)
Faculty Perceptions of Federated Search Tools
"Human Factors" in Library Resource Discovery Systems: A Study of Information Seeking Patterns in a Modern Academic Environment
Increasing the level of Openness in Academic Research
Is Anybody Actually Using This? Gaining Insight to Technology Ownership and Use for Planning and Purchasing
JQuery Mobile Framework: an easy and professional way to create a mobile website
Library Analytics Toolkit
Library Favorites and Resource Modeling
Metadata Manipulation and Repurposing Workflows for Institutional Repositories and Digital Projects
Mobile Library Catalog using Z39.50
Next-Generation Collection Management: Using Augmented Reality Mobile Applications to Automate Shelf Reading and Inventory Control
Persona Most Grata: Invoking the User from Data to Design
Preserving Faculty Research: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Data Repository
Primary Source Corps: Leveraging Gamification & Crowdsourcing to Improve Findability & Context in Digital Collections
Read/Write Web Services: Let the Great Data Remix Begin
Remote Usability Testing: Methods and Tools to take your Testing outside of the Library
Seeing the Forest by Counting the Trees: Using a Variety of Data Sources to See the Big Picture
Stewarding Research Data with Islandora
Student/Library Collaborations for Mobile Application Development
The Alchemist's Guide to Research Data: ensuring data usability
The Dream of Data Integration
The Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE): A Model for Deep Library Collaboration and a Demonstration of our Latest Software
Understanding data services in distributed and collaborative research settings
Web Scale Discovery: A Content-Side View
What Do You Mean "Get Up to Speed on Data"? Self Educating on the Fly
What Public Library Patrons Want and How to Deliver It On Your Web Site
Where's that Book? Transforming Bib. Data into Item-Level Collection Maps in the Web PAC.
WorldCat Library Finder: the Front and Back-Story: a practical application of responsive web design and Hadoop data storage

Some of that is pie in the sky, isn't it? When I first started at ALA, as an editor new to the library field, Art Plotnik, our editorial director, pointed me to poster sessions for a real-world, project-level view. The LITA National Forum will showcase the following projects. Do they give you ideas for your library?

The Poster Sessions
Databib: An Online Bibliography of Research Data Repositories
Exploring Methods of Using Public Data on Twitter for Library Assessment
From the field to the desktop: how online access to historical botanical collections, data and literature creates a world of information at your fingertips
Implementing DMPTool [Data Management Planning Tool]
Kindred Works: developing a content-based recommendation service for WorldCat
LibX 2.0
"Pop-up" Your Data!
Research Data Management Training for Graduate Students: An Iterative Approach
Robust ‘Altmetrics’ as a Framework for Measuring Item Usage and Researcher Impact in Institutional Repositories
Taking Risks: Improving Productivity, Collaboration, Accountability, and Transparency by Adopting New Project Management Techniques
Using the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit to Inform the Development of a Research Data Registry

Are you driving distance to Columbus? Road trip! Still time to register.