Welcome from Tom (the Newbie) Peters

By Tom Peters | Tom Peters Head Shot Welcome, Everyone. I'm glad that ALA TechSource has started this blog to highlight trends, issues, and opportunities regarding library and information technology. It's an honor to be blogging with the likes of Jenny Levine, Karen Schneider, and Michael Stephens. As the newbie to blogging, I have the right (and responsibility!) to ask the dumb questions and make the stupid mistakes. Stay tuned.

Although I plan to blog whatever developments seem noteworthy, the areas of IT that currently interest me include:

  • Digital audio books for libraries
  • E-books, the off-again, on-again movement
  • Webconferencing applications for libraries
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and video-over-IP applications for libraries
  • Google's forays and machinations
  • Making digital library collections and services accessible to all

Bio bits: I've been a librarian for 18 years, I enjoy reading (duh) in all formats and vegetable gardening, and I live in beautiful Blue Springs, Missouri.