Welcome to the ALA TechSource Blog!

By Teresa Koltzenburg | Teresa Head Shot Greetings Biblioblogosphere Devotees...

In case you don't know, ALA TechSource is a unit of the publishing division of the American Library Association (which, by the way, is the oldest and largest library association in the world!). The unit publishes Library Technology Reports, the periodical started by the venerable Howard White many years ago, and Smart Libraries Newsletter (formerly Library Systems Newsletter), which these days features monthly articles from Marshall Breeding and Tom Peters.

ALA TechSource is proud to welcome contributing TechSource bloggers:
And new to the Biblioblogosphere is Tom Peters, monthly contributor to Smart Libraries Newsletter, and founder of TAP Information Services.

Authored by all-librarians all-the-time (well, except for me, the editor of ALA TechSource--I'm honored to be in their company), this blog aims to provide its subscribers with insightful and pertinent news about, and commentary on, technology related to and used in the library field.

I'd especially like to thank Karen G. Schneider, who was among the very first ALA members I met early this year (just after I started at ALA). Her energy and enthusiasm for the Biblioblogosphere, for the library profession and technology in general, has been my beacon for getting this blog (as well as the new ALA TechSource site--check it out!) up and running. Thanks, Karen!

Teresa Koltzenburg, Editor
ALA TechSource