Tracking the Trends: LITA's ALA Annual '06 Session

By Teresa Koltzenburg | Eric Lease Morgan is a Top Tech Trends panelist at LITA's TTT session at ALA Annual 2006.**UPDATE, June 20 @ 10:53 a.m., Chicago, IL**
Tom Wilson will also be a member of LITA's Top Technology Trends Panel on Sunday. He was mistakenly left off the list. Sorry, Tom!

"Mass digitization will change aspects of librarianship," noted Eric Lease Morgan in his "'Sum' Pontifications" on the LITA Blog this past Saturday.

"Clifford A. Lynch is a panelist on LITA's Top Technology Trends panel at ALA Annual 2006....When content is mass digitized and freely available on the ‘Net the questions regarding libraries will be less about 'Do you have this, that, or the other thing?' and more about 'What can you do for me to make this content more meaningful and useful?' While it might seem efficient in terms of disk space and authenticity to centrally store data and information, the local ownership of data and information facilitates preservation and manipulation. 'Lot's of copies keep stuff safe,'" he stated in his post.

Roy Tennant is a panelist on the LITA Top Technology Trends panel at ALA Annual 2006.Mass digitization is just one of the "top tech trends" that will be discussed this coming Sunday at ALA's Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Morgan—along with panelists Marshall Breeding, Karen Coyle (not pictured), Clifford Lynch, Andrew Pace, Karen G. Schneider, and Roy Tennant and moderator Walt Crawford—will be tackling top technology trends that do, can, or will impact librarianship and libraries at the Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) "Top Technology Trends" Karen G. Schneider is a panelist on the LITA Top Technology Trends panel at ALA Annual 2006. session, slated for June 25, 2006.

The immensely popular program features an ongoing roundtable discussion about trends and advances in library technology by a panel of LITA tech experts. According to TTT committee chair Jennifer Ward, "The panelists will describe changes and advances in technology that they see having an impact on the library world and suggest what libraries might do to take advantage of these trends."
Marshall Breeding is a panelist on the LITA Top Technology Trends panel at ALA Annual 2006.
According to the LITA Web site, current trend spotters include this ALA Annual Conference's panelists, as well as Thomas Dowling, Sarah Houghton, Dean K. Jue, Erik Jul, Tom Peters, Joan Frye Williams, Tom Wilson, and Milton Wolf. Past contributors include Pat Earnest, John Guscott, Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Dan Marmion, and Carol Tenopir.

Andrew K. Pace is a panelist on the Top Tech Trends panel at ALA Annual 2006.The ALA Annual 2006 Top Tech Trends program marks the first time the event will be recorded and uploaded to the LITA Blog, which can be listened to in podcast form. In addition, Ward says the meeting notes will be available on the LITA Blog.

LITA Presents: Top Technology Trends, Sunday, June 25, 2006, Sheraton New Orleans, Grand Ballrooms D/E, 1:30–3:30 p.m.

Walt Crawford will be moderating the LITA Top Tech Trends program at ALA Annual 2006.For a schedule of the LITA events (taking place at ALA Annual 2006 in New Orleans) that will be blogged on the LITA Blog, see
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