TECH SET interview: Michael Lascarides

By Patrick Hogan |

In this interview with Ellyssa Kroski, Michael Lascarides, author Next-Gen Library Redesign, notes that next-generation isn’t a checklist. “It’s about positioning yourself to exist in a world where the information landscape is constantly changing,” he says.

Lascarides describes a couple projects from the book. First, starting with the broad, is a methodological approach to looking at your library’s digital presence by taking a full inventory of your Web activities. Moving to the specific, the book describes how to set up and oversee a crowdsourcing project. Examples from the New York Public Library are digitizing maps and transcribing dishes of old restaurant menus into a foods database. "A small set of guidelines can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project," says Lascarides.

Reminding readers that free and open source Web tools are getting really good, lowering the cost of entry, Lascarides encourages libraries of all sizes, all scales, all budgets to go out with an open mind and try new things.

Listen to the full interview.

Read a sample chapter on Scribd.