TECH SET interview: Marshall Breeding

By Patrick Hogan |

Series Editor Ellyssa Kroski interviewed Marshall Breeding, author of Cloud Computing for Libraries (11) and noted speaker, writer, and consultant on library technology and the library automation industry.

Note that since the recording of this interview, Marshall resigned his position at Vanderbilt University in order to free up time for what he calls "outside activities" in the interview.

Below the SoundCloud embed are a few highlights from the interview.

2:15 Marshall believes cloud computing is a major transition with "massive implications for libraries."

3:00 But there is also a lot of hype around cloud computing. Vendors like to describe their services as "in the cloud." The book clarifies the different forms of cloud computing; which are really in the cloud and which truly offer transformational opportunities.

3:40 Describing projects covered in the book, Marshall notes that cloud computing can be done on a small or large scale. Starting with free services, you can become familiar with a new style of computing and get a feel for accessing functionality and services from wherever you are. On a larger scale, library automation is changing because of the cloud, and the book will help you develop your organizational strategy

5:40 As a message to readers, Marshall likened the book to much of his writing, as helping librarians take a critical perspective and evaluate opportunities in relation to their core strategies and resources. "Cloud computing allows librarians to focus on patron-facing, high-value activities and not so much on the plumbing of computer technology," Marshall says.

A sample chapter from the book is availabe on Scribd.