TECH SET interview: Joe Murphy

By Patrick Hogan |

Joe Murphy author of Location-Aware Services and QR Codes for Libraries is passionate in his conviction that location awareness is a gateway to future innovation. "The ability to associate activities, whether social or institutional, with a layer of location has really proved to be a foundation for all the major mobile and social technology initiatives of the past year," he says.

Library spaces will continue to be important, Murphy says. The technologies covered in the book will help libraries make their physical spaces relevant and meet the expectations of patrons with smartphones.

Joe had fun jumping into this topic early and looking at the practical applications for libraries. He describes specifics for a few of the book's projects, using:

  • Instagram - allow your patrons to create a visual narrative of your space.
  • FourSquare - let your patrons become advocates for your library.
  • QR Codes - transform your physical spaces with hyperlinks to information about your content, spaces, services, and staff.

Listen to the interview on SoundCloud.

Read a sample chapter on Scribd