Okay, so we're having some technical issues...

By Teresa Koltzenburg | I know I said not to worry, and I didn't. Until yesterday—when the new postings on this blog were not showing up in my aggregator (Bloglines). And then Troy Linker, the head of ALA Production Services, had some problems with his news reader (MyYahoo!), I started to panic. I mean really, the name of this blog is the ALA TechSource blog.

During our pre-launch conference call on Monday, Karen and Michael both pointed out that having RSS in order before we launch is imperative—lest we get fisked about this technical problem, and readers, subsequently, tune out.

But my Web development team, Gulo Solutions, here in Chicago, is on it. I know it's working in Bloglines. In Yahoo!, I guess we're still having some issues. Apparently, our beta site and the live site made the aggregators and news readers "get confused." I know this is confounding to me. But I'm leaving the really technical stuff to Gulo.

If you're having problems with getting this blog in your aggregators/news readers, please comment. I'm trying to head any fisking (at least about this RSS issue) off at the pass.