Nope, It's Not Just You

By Teresa Koltzenburg | I've been meaning since Monday to post about some of the technical problems the ALA TechSource blog (i.e., the RSS problem in Bloglines that Mark points to in a post last Saturday in his ...the thoughts are broken... blog) has been having. It's now the end of the workday (well, the official end, anyway) Wednesday, and I suppose this post could fall under a 'Better Late Than Never' category heading, but, still, I apologize for not addressing this on this blog earlier this week.

But maybe it's good that I waited because... if you read the comments on Jenny's latest post, you can see that we're working through some formatting issues with the 'Post a Comment' feature as well. Be assured that I'm on it, and that I (with the help of my developer) will do my best to address your concerns and comments. Please feel free to contact me directly at

A Little Background on the ALA TechSource Portal
Along with the new blog last September, ALA TechSource launched a new CMS to provide a less cumbersome Web presence (if you visited the old Web site at any point, you know what I'm talking about) for Library Technology Reports and Smart Libraries Newsletter. ALA TechSource's new content-management system was built by Gulo Solutions, a small Web development firm here in Chicago. The blog, which is a module within Gulo's Re:Members CMS, was a new technology tool for both entities (essentially, me at, TechSource, and the helpful team at Gulo), so we're, kind of, experimenting (with the blog integrated with the CMS) out in public, which, I hope, goes along with the spirit of blogging in general.

I can't thank enough the contributors—Jenny, Karen, Michael, and Tom (and, by way of Michael Stephens, Michael Casey, Michael Golrick, and Will Richardson)—for providing such engaging and thought-provoking content that keeps readers coming back and commenting, in spite of some of the irritating technical difficulties.

Gulo and I are on the case, as are all of you, so please, if you see a problem (or if you have a great idea for an LTR issue, but that's another post altogether), click through ( and send me a message. I want to make sure that the technological glitches don't take away from the conversation.
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