New Blogs of Note (and More to Come)

By Teresa Koltzenburg | Three new Biblioblogosphere-related blogs (well, actually there are five and counting) to get acquainted with over the weekend...
  • Library 2.0 Innovation Bootcamp has commenced. The first post, Getting Started with Library 2.0 Innovation Bootcamp, provides a great overview of the program. The faculty members for Library 2.0 Innovation Bootcamp are two of the contributors to this blog, Jenny Levine and Michael Stephens, which—as you all know from their work on their personal blogs, The Shifted Librarian and Tame the Web—are both Library 2.0 pioneers.

    The "More to Come" part of this post's title refers to the new blogs being created through the Library 2.0 Bootcamp program; check out bootcamp cadet Michelle Boule's inaugural post on Library 2.0 as well as the first post by bootcamp participant Helene Blowers.

  • Another ALA-related blog also launched this week. Mary Ghikas, one of ALA's associate executive directors, started her new blog, The Green Kangaroo, on Thursday. Mary writes in her first post:
      Some years ago someone here gave me a copy of "The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo," by Judy Blume. It's a story about a middle child (I'm not) who played a green kangaroo in a school play. The book has long since been passed along to someone else, but it gave me a way to think about my place in the world—at least my professional world.

      I am the one in the middle—surrounded by executive directors and directors, one foot in the library world and one in the association world, at the crowded and often noisy intersection of very diverse flows of information and ideas. Never boring. Often challenging. Complex. Simple. Surprising. It all adds up to a "green kangaroo."

  • Finally, the blog associated with Northeastern University Libraries' program Public-Private Intersections in New Media, which I wrote about last week here at ALA TechSource, is up and running.
Happy reading!
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