Library 2.0 in Publish

By Teresa Koltzenburg | Publish, published by Ziff Davis Media, Inc., featured a nifty article by Jason Boog last week, "Library 2.0 Movement Sees Benefits in Collaboration with Patrons," which features interviews with Jenny Levine, Aaron Schmidt, and Jessamyn West.

According to Boog, "These innovative librarians realize that some Web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs, wikis, and online databases like Google Print, are already competing for the attentions of library patrons...The librarians aim to build a participatory network of libraries using Web resources like blogs, wiki tools, and tags."

In addition to the article about Library 2.0, publish also has some tasty content about Web 2.0, the Mobile Web (particularly useful for those in the library charged with the library site design/management), and lots of news related to blogs.