Introducing the Book as iPad App - Free Webinar

By Patrick Hogan |

A couple days ago, I gave in to pent-up desire and bought an iPad. Everyone has one, right? What’s loaded on yours? What apps do you offer your patrons? Any books that are too souped up for a Kindle?

Join us for the fun and free ALA TechSource webinar Introducing the Book as iPad App on Monday, July 23. Nicole Hennig will show how iPad apps are stretching the boundaries of the book. These new, emerging hybrids mix in elements of film, videogames, and social media with the text traditional to the book. For librarians, they offer new opportunities in evaluation, selection, and library services.

Nicole is Head of the User Experience Group for the MIT Libraries. You may have seen her co-authored LibGuide Apps for Academics. She also teaches the online course Apps4Librarians. Starting with innovative examples of fictions and nonfiction titles, children’s books, and graphic novel, Nicole will:

  • discuss the qualities of a delightful reading experience.
  • ask questions about the changes books as apps suggest for readers, libraries, and publishers.
  • spark your ideas for creative programs and services.
Honored with the MIT Libraries Infinite Mile Award for Innovation, Nicole loves teaching, presenting, and inspiring creative people to use technology effectively. Register for Introducing the Book as iPad App, a one-hour webinar on Monday, July 23, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. And for those who want to dig in, we’ll have an ALA Editions ecourse with Nicole this October. Details coming soon.