Introducing the Book as iPad App- free webinar

By Patrick Hogan |

Nicole Hennig will return this Friday, March 1, 1:00 p.m. Eastern, for a fresh look at how publishers are using the iPad platform to create a new kind of book. Not the straight text, you’ll read in a Kindle app, these books mix elements of film, videogames, and social media to create a new immersive experience for readers. Nicole’s webinar this past summer was a hit. Register for Introducing Books as iPad App, and:

  • See demos of fiction and nonfiction titles, including children’s books and graphic novels
  • Discuss the qualities of a delightful reading experience
  • Ask some questions about what these changes might mean for readers, libraries, and publishers
  • Spark ideas for creative programs and services that you can offer in your library related to iPad book apps.

See a what's new and get a taste of what Nicole has planned for her 4-week eCourse Book as iPad App, which starts April 1.