Introducing American Libraries Live!

By Daniel A. Freeman |

American Libraries knows how essential it is to stay up to date on new developments in our industry.  American Libraries Live, a free, streaming video broadcast that you can view from your home, library or on the go, is a new program that allows you to watch broadcasts about library issues and trends in real time and interact with our hosts via a live chat, giving you immediate answers to all of your pressing questions.

AL Live will include experts like Jason Griffey, author of “Mobile Technology and Libraries (THE TECH SET® #2)” and ALA TechSource columnist. These and other guests will be speaking on compelling topics such as how to get an ideal library job, the latest innovations in mobile services, digging into databases and what the real deal is for libraries and e-books.

The first program, “Library 2017: Tech at Warp Speed,” will be held at 1 p.m. Central time on Friday, Nov. 16. It features Griffey, who will speak about libraries in the near future. The programs are easy to view—just go to American Libraries Live. Upcoming broadcasts include:

  • Nov. 16: Library 2017: Tech at Warp Speed
  • Jan. 10: Landing Your Ideal Library Job
  • Feb. 14: Mobile Services: The Library in Your Pocket
  • March 14: Library Safety and Security
  • April 11: The Present and Future of Ebooks
  • May 9: Library Learning Goes Online
  • June 6: New Technologies in Library Equipment
  • July 30: Discovery Services: The Future of Library Systems
  • Sept. 10: Digging into New Databases

AL Live is a personal way to get to the heart of the real issues in our industry. With the help of real-time technology, it’s like having your own experts on hand.  We look forward to seeing you live.